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I just finished up this spot for Florcraft. It hasn't even hit the airwaves yet but I wanted to share. It's a fairly straightforward spot, talking about the new Healthier Living Installations they do.

Initially we were thinking about tagging a nationally produced spot with new footage, but I really wanted to shoot a whole new ad for it. When you tag footage that isn't shot the same way, you can really tell. Lighting, frame size, and sound quality all shift suddenly. I think it throws off the viewers and so I avoid it as much as possible. I really want people to be taken for an enjoyable thirty second ride, so I try to create ads that feel smooth, no bumps allowed.

When I came to the decision that we were going to shoot a whole new ad I was freed up to write a spot from scratch, and this is what I came up with. I wanted something familiar to pull in viewers at the beginning so I started with the tissues. Almost everyone knows what it's like to battle allergies.

I also tried as much as possible to keep the mood of the ad light and fun. When you draw people in, you have to try and keep them interested, even if it's only for thirty seconds. That's why I wrote the "sneeze free experience" line. It's just something small, that gives the audience something to smirk at. The same goes for the closing line, "clearing the air".

As far as visuals go, I knew I wanted to make the store look as good as possible, so I went in a few days ahead so I could see the space and figure out what options I had. This really helps the overall look and feel. If I know where outlets (for lights) and talent marks (places where the people stand) are, then I can go back to the script and visualize in my head how things will look.

When it came to the third shot, I knew I was going to recreate this poster they had in After Effects.

My first thought was to just shoot the poster and pan down along it, but I thought it wasn't interesting enough. So I took the photo you see above and made an animation that brought more attention to it. Then I placed subtle sound effects for each title that pops up to make them more noticeable.

Speaking of which, I did more sound editing than I usually do for this one. The second shot, where she throws the tissues over her head, I placed a swishing sound effect on her motion to make it more pronounced. Also, if you listen to the original shot you can hear the box of tissues hitting the display and the floor, which broke the illusion and took me out of the ad. So I decided to cut out that bit of sound so it wouldn't be distracting.

I usually color correct my ads, but in this one I was so happy with the image straight out of the camera that I decided to leave it as is. Thank you Canon for making such a great camera! (60D, for those of you who want to know)

And that's about it for this one. I used the same lighting setup I mentioned in the Pike's and Prospector posts, so you can read about it there.

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  • Chris Geer

    January 7, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Good quality! Nice job.

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